Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let The Fun Begin!

After 5 years of looking for the perfect house, my husband and I are FINALLY under contract on what will soon be our new home! We lived through the real estate crisis (thankfully didn't buy in the midst of it) and now have a wonderful new home to call our own. I am so unbelievably excited to close and move in, I can hardly stand it. But there's a huge hurdle between the closing and the moving in part... The house was built in 1964 and nothing has been done to it since.

So the journey will begin once we close. That hopefully will happen sometime this week, but there have been some title issues, so it may not be until next week...

In any case, as soon as we close, we are tenting the house. Need to get rid of the termites & rodents that currently call this house their home. Bye bye pests!

Next, we are going to redo the floors. The house has the original terrazzo floors and they are beautiful, but they are old and tired. So we are buffing and polishing them and bringing them back to life. I'm REALLY excited about the floors.

Then, we are going to replace the septic tank and drainfield, get hurricane shutters and repair the two roof leaks that exist.

All the while, inside we will be gutting and replacing the electrical panel, replacing the a/c system, tearing down walls, painting EVERYTHING (literally, we are painting everything), gutting the kitchen, and if our wallets allow it, we are going to redo the kids bathroom too.

We have A LOT on our hands. But I'm ALWAYS up for a challenge.


(I am obviously an amateur blogger because I can't figure out how to post more pictures. Ugh, it's driving me crazy! So click HERE to see all the "BEFORE" pictures of the house!)

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