Friday, January 13, 2012

I know I'm lame...

And there's really no excuse! But my house is looking great and my kitchen is officially FINISHED!!! Here are a few pics of the latest happenings...

Last weekend I bought new pillows for my bed. Look how pretty it is! Just need to get some window treatments now... It looks pretty bad without them...!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


...somebody pinch me!! Is this really MY kitchen????


So most of the house is a total DISASTER...

But naturally, the first room I got up and running and looking GREAT was the kids room. And oh my gosh, It's SO CUTE!

What you don't get a sense of in these pictures is how BIG the room is. It's HUGE. Super spacious, lots of empty space, not cluttered at all. It's like a dream come true. Big closet with tons of storage, huge open space for playing on the floor in the middle. I'm LOVING it!

And look who made the move with us!

We're not sure how he knew where to find us (and frankly impressed with ourselves that we even remembered him) but the kids think he's about the best thing that ever happened to him. And THAT makes me happy!

I meant to take pictures of the mess in the rest of the house, but must have been throwing up in my bathroom. I'll get to them tonight!

Sick & Moving - not a winning combination!

So the move is complete, and no post has been written in a week. I realize it's TERRIBLE as a blogger to leave all my dedicated readers (haha) without any news for such a long time! But it's been a WILD week. First of all you will remember that we lost the internet connection at the old house, so I had no way of posting anything from home. Then, we started packing and moving, and once that starts, there's no hope! We moved all day Saturday, worked all day Sunday, and Monday I got food poisoning. Throwing up, unable to get out of bed, it was a disaster. So needless to say, my excuses for not posting have been LEGIT! I'm finally feeling better though and will get some new posts with pictures up ASAP. So stay tuned (and stop your bitching!)...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost there!

Well, the bathroom vanity has been installed and has water!! It looks great! But here's the thing, and this is what I've found with every project in this house. Once you think you're done, there's always one more step you weren't expecting that has to be done to really finish it! In this case, Angel finishes the installation and calls me to say "where's the backsplash?" What backsplash!? You mean the vanity didn't come with one?

So now I'm running around looking for something that I didn't even know I needed! So I'm not 100% done yet, but the bathroom definitely looks 100% better!

Still need the new lighting and mirror. It's a work in progress! And who knows what missing "necessities" I'll need once those go in!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Move is Underway

Today was like a dress rehearsal for next Saturday's big performance. We packed up several boxes last night and began the daunting trek to the new house. Sone progress was made and we are going to continue some gradual moving through the week. I am so excited!!