Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Check Out Our Brand New Kitchen!!!

The kitchen is IN!!!  Gheorghe and I went by tonight to take a look at the finished product and we love it!  Both of the kids were exhausted and hungry so we didn't stay long to revel in it's beauty, but I did take some quick pictures. Still need to get counters, backsplash, electrical outlets, new lighting, etc. A bunch of important details. And we might add crown molding around the top so you don't see the small gap above the cabinets at the ceiling - trying to decide. It doesn't bother me that much really... But to see new cabinets and plastic wrapped appliances - IT'S HEAVEN! I've waited for this day for so many YEARS!!!

My lazy Susan cabinet - loving all this storage!!

The corner cabinet above the lazy Susan. I love how I can use this space. Spice cabinet!

These are the important details I'm referring to... We have some electrical outlets that need dealing! But all will be taken care of tomorrow so the house will continue to look more and more polished...

The boys were spent, and neither one of them wanted me to hold them tonight. They both ONLY wanted daddy and both cried about it when I tried to help Gheorghe carry them. Ahem ahem ... am I chopped liver or what? But look at how cute they are loving on their handsome daddy? I'm one lucky gal!

Can't wait until we're moved into this house (December 17th!) and can call it our home. We've made SO MUCH progress and we are all so excited about it all!

In other news...

The kitchen progress has me so excited, I almost forgot to share some of the other updates that are happening at the house!!

Picked up guest bedroom furniture from a good friend yesterday who was getting rid of things. I took her bed. I don't love the color but my mom had the BEST idea - I should cover it in a pretty wallpaper and it will look like new! Love a good project and I thought that was a really cool idea.

The kids bathroom is painted! I am in love with the color and think this is going to be a beautiful room. The woodwork looks great and I love the trim at the top. Just need to get the vanity figured out and find a huge mirror to hang on the wall. Getting there...

The back patio has been totally neglected and still looks like crap. But at least we hung the super cute new light fixtures! There's 3 of them running along the wall. Very southern lantern looking and cute!

Kitchen Craziness!

The kitchen is looking GOOOOOOOOOOD...

I stopped by a couple times yesterday to track the progress. When I was there after work yesterday, one of the guys was working away and said he'd be there late into the night, so I went back this morning and took some more pictures. The progress is amazing!!!

All of these were taken at lunchtime yesterday. TONS of progress and looking good!

When I went back last night, he had finished most of this new wall of cabinets, and most of the other cabinets were up as well.

Look at it this morning!! What progress!!!

I'm headed over there now and will take some more pictures. They are putting handles on today and installing the appliances!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Bathroom

One of my most fun projects at the new house has been the bathroom. I was hoping it would get a 100% makeover, but I'm settling for an 80% makeover as we've decided to hold off on the bathtub wall re-tiling project for right now. So it will look REALLY good when it's done, but not completely perfect as we're going to wait on that for the time being. Here's a snapshot of the various pieces that will be going into this room:

1. The bathroom vanity. It has arrived and is sitting in the garage, but the drawers are TERRIBLE to open and close. The people that sold it to us told us to oil the tracks. We tried it, and it is still a huge pain. So I called to complain and told them we were returning it because we weren't happy with it, and they told me they are sending us new tracks. I'm REALLY hoping that will fix the problem because I love this piece and I'd really liked to keep it.

2. The light fixture. It's nothing fancy - just traditional and simple. But I'm starting to realize that's pretty much the look I always go for.

3. The toilet. I've talked about it before. I know it's just a toilet. It's not used for anything worth talking about on this blog. But it's just kind of cool looking. Sort of like it belongs in George Jetson's house. This isn't EXACTLY what it looks like, but it's the closest thing I could find online because I can't remember what it's really called. I bought it at Habify. Can't wait to use them for more cool things at my house!

4. The beadboard trim. I'm slightly obsessed. Saw it in a bathroom at a fun bar in Highlands, NC and took pictures with my iphone to show my handyman. How absurd is that? But I love this look with the thick trim!

5. The mirror. I can't find one that I like and it needs to be BIG. 75" wide to go over the vanity. So I think I might just make one out of wood and a sheet of mirror. That's a project I'm working on this week... I'm thinking a wide 4" wood trim with navy blue and white stripes perhaps??

6. The color. The beadboard will stay white. The top part will be a light blue, a shade darker than what is currently in their bedroom.

6. The shower curtain. I can't decide on this. Thinking I need some thoughts from you guys. Which one do you like of these? The striped one at the bottom used to come in white/blue, but I can't find it online anymore. I don't think I'll do the grey, but if I could find it in blue, do you like it? I could always just sew one myself. Although this is what I think I'm going to do as the curtains in the kids' bedroom so I may skip it in the bathroom. Don't want to be super matchy matchy! I had also toyed with the idea of a plain white shower curtain with a big navy blue block-type monogram in the middle of it. Like "wCw" for both of the boys. I think it's what I'm leaning towards right now. But please chime in and tell me what you think!

...And...We're Back!

Ok, so I'm FULLY aware that I've been on a major hiatus from this blog, but I've been out of town for Thanksgiving break! (ahem ahem, WDP...and with you nonetheless!)

However, we're back and the house is looking GOOD. Not too much happened while we were gone - a little bit of work in the bathroom and some refining here and there. Nothing too major that you'd notice in pictures if I didn't really point it all out to you. was a big day!

1. The new toilet for the kids bathroom arrived. While that might mean nothing to most of you, it's extremely exciting to me. It's really cool looking and I know it will make the bathroom look great! It hasn't been installed yet - I think Angel is putting it in tomorrow. I'll be sure to add pics once it's in...

2. The beadboard is totally up everywhere and it looks GREAT!

3. Angel hung a new lamp that we got in North Carolina at the front door and it's such a pretty touch! If Dutchman's had had more, I would have bought 3 of these. Super pretty and delicate and UNBELIEVABLY priced.

4. My Moravian Star light arrived today that will be hung at the beginning of the hallway. It's GORGEOUS! Hopefully Angel will hang it tomorrow. I can't wait to see how it looks!

5. The guys arrived early this morning to measure for all our hurricane shutters & gutters (ok so maybe that's boring, but it's progress!)

6. The heinous rusted iron bars by the front door have come down! It's a detail that most probably wouldn't even notice, but I'm SO MUCH HAPPIER with them gone!

7. MY IKEA KITCHEN IS OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!!! The guys arrived this morning and worked all day to build the cabinets. It is quite a mish mosh at the moment, but they are starting to install them tomorrow and I just know it's going to be a TOTAL transformation! I cannot wait!!! I'll post pictures tomorrow night once some installation work is done.

Tomorrow is another big day.

- the fridge is coming over
- the guest bedroom dresser is coming over (I'll probably paint it once we move in)
- I'm getting a bed for the guest room & small chest from a friend of mine who is giving them to me! Excited to have a real guest bedroom for friends. This bed was really on the "B" list of things to do - we knew we'd get to it eventually but didn't want to spend the money right away. So I'm incredibly thankful for my friend!! Love you Linds!

- Wednesday, we are picking up the new washer/dryer and garage refrigerator.

- Still need to figure out a bunch of stuff but I'm feeling good about everything! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Off to North Carolina!

This week is going to be light on posts. We're in the car on the way to North Carolina for Thanksgiving so I won't be around to take pictures and update the blog! Angel is pretty good about taking pictures though and keeping me up to date so I will post as much as I can.

He worked on the kids' room today and sent me this picture at the end of the day. I'm loving it! I can't wait to see the finished product!

I ordered the blinds today for all the bedrooms - I'm so excited about them! And I think I have secured guest room furniture, so Kate, book your tickets and you and Jan get over here!! We have a bed waiting for you! (well, in a few weeks we will anyway...)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was at the house this morning so I took a bunch of new pictures to share with you. These are the details we're working on now. So exciting!!

New door handles. Might be boring to some but not to ME! I love them!! Makes the house look so much more finished.

Every single light switch has been replaced. SO much cleaner and neater looking!

We've also changed out every single electrical outlet. SO much better now. What a small change that makes such a huge difference.

Fun new light fixture in the playroom! The room is a bit yellow right now with this light so I'm still not 100% sold on it. But it's super fun!!

Guest bedroom with new light fixture (what do you think???) and only 1 curtain up. The other curtain will go up once the roof repair is done in this room. Curtains are simple - a pretty yellow...

Back in the playroom, they painted this shelf which used to be an ugly shiny wood look. SOOOO much better! Now I need to get prettier hinges and new door pulls. Add it to my list...

A shot of the living room in its current random state. Full of junk waiting to be finished...

And HERE'S my new kitchen!!! Still in boxes and hardly taking up any space. Seems unreal that this will soon be a major transformation in my kitchen...

A close up of the kitchen boxes. They are piled thick and neat in this tiny little corner. LET'S OPEN THEM AND LET THE FUN BEGIN...

Washer & dryer aren't long for this world... We're getting new ones shortly. 

And these are all the hanging doors, soon to be white.

Progress is being made every day. I am getting SO excited!!!!