Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sick & Moving - not a winning combination!

So the move is complete, and no post has been written in a week. I realize it's TERRIBLE as a blogger to leave all my dedicated readers (haha) without any news for such a long time! But it's been a WILD week. First of all you will remember that we lost the internet connection at the old house, so I had no way of posting anything from home. Then, we started packing and moving, and once that starts, there's no hope! We moved all day Saturday, worked all day Sunday, and Monday I got food poisoning. Throwing up, unable to get out of bed, it was a disaster. So needless to say, my excuses for not posting have been LEGIT! I'm finally feeling better though and will get some new posts with pictures up ASAP. So stay tuned (and stop your bitching!)...

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