Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So most of the house is a total DISASTER...

But naturally, the first room I got up and running and looking GREAT was the kids room. And oh my gosh, It's SO CUTE!

What you don't get a sense of in these pictures is how BIG the room is. It's HUGE. Super spacious, lots of empty space, not cluttered at all. It's like a dream come true. Big closet with tons of storage, huge open space for playing on the floor in the middle. I'm LOVING it!

And look who made the move with us!

We're not sure how he knew where to find us (and frankly impressed with ourselves that we even remembered him) but the kids think he's about the best thing that ever happened to him. And THAT makes me happy!

I meant to take pictures of the mess in the rest of the house, but must have been throwing up in my bathroom. I'll get to them tonight!

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  1. It's amazing and definitely deserves a hearty voila! :) xoxo