Friday, December 9, 2011

The Devil is in the Details...

So this is the mundane (but critical) work that is being done on the house right now. This is why I'm not as fired up as usual to get home and write posts and send out pictures of everything!

This is a picture of our soffit screens. These run along the perimeter of the whole house, and basically these allow the attic to "breathe". You can see that it's like a metal mesh piece running the length of the inside of the roof line. Angel has replaced these around the whole house. Before he did his work, these were torn & ugly looking screens. I think they were the perfect material for rats to crawl through! So we are thrilled to have something more durable and MUCH better looking protecting us from creepy rodents getting into our attic.

We had a pretty decent amount of rotten fascia board around our house when we bought it. So Angel has also been cleaning up the rotten fascia and replacing it with clean new wood. You can see in these pictures he's done the piece right above that window, and he's also replaced the wood that runs up above the house. He had to remove some roof tiles in order to do this and I know this wasn't an easy task.

When he was up top on the higher section, he pulled off the rotten fascia board only to realize that all the wood behind it was also destroyed. It wasn't wood rot though - it was the product of TERMITES!  Angel's words to me: Lynley, the termites had breakfast, lunch AND dinner on this wood up here! So it was really bad. This is what it looked like before they replaced it.

Um...yes. That is NO GOOD!

So it's all taken care of now and looking SOOOOO much better.

In other news...:
- The granite has officially been ordered and will be installed the week before Christmas. That is about the best Christmas present I can think of!

- The bathroom vanity pieces have arrived and we will be working on getting that repaired and *hopefully* installed this weekend.

- We have officially set the moving date for next Saturday, December 17th. Someone remind me why we thought it would be smart to move into a new house the weekend before Christmas?

And the fun continues...!

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