Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Sorry I've been so MIA. Life is getting incredibly overwhelming right now! Between getting ready for the holidays, being out of town and general mommy challenges, I haven't had a minute to update this blog! We haven't had the type of progress at the house lately like we've had in the past, but good things are happening.

Last weekend, the electrician did all the lighting in the kitchen! It looks FANTASTIC!! Of course, once we get the ceiling painted it will look a ton better, but what a vast improvement over the ugly fluorescent light that used to be there.

We had some serious issues with the toilet installation and I now know more about toilets than I ever cared to know! But Angel came to the rescue and figured it out and installed the toilet in the kids' bathroom. It's one of the water efficient toilets and it looks great. I'm really excited about it! Thanks to Habify for the great deal too - and Miami-Dade is giving us $50 back for buying it!

Granite counters are being ordered as we speak. We found a great guy who is helping us with counters and he came in RIGHT at our budget which makes me SO HAPPY because everyone else is coming in over budget, and I frankly thought we had under-budgeted for this one thing. We're going to do the whole kitchen AND the outside patio counter as well, which makes me REALLY happy. This is the granite we chose:

It's a really light grey/tan color (looks darker in these pictures than it does in real life) with small specks of black.

It's going to be double thickness like the black piece on the right. And I think we're going to finish it with the straight/square corners. Not rounded corners. Do any of you have opinions on that front? Gheorghe likes the rounded corners but I really prefer the modern look of the square cut...

So we're moving along! AT&T installed our phones, internet and cable yesterday. Granite is being ordered today and will be installed the week before Christmas. Electrician is hopefully coming this weekend to change out all the electric. All the soffit screens are being replaced as we speak. It feels like we're getting really close to being READY for the BIG MOVE which will inevitably occur on December 17th whether we are ready or not! BRING IT ON!!! And then Christmas is the following weekend. Someone remind me why we decided to move into a new house the week before Christmas? When exactly am I supposed to find time to shop for my children and family????

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  1. Kitchen looks awesome! Love the granite too! Do you need smooth edges for your boys heads when they run into it though?? I think mine are???

    Presents? I say the house is the present...well, maybe the boys need a thing of two...haha