Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Check Out Our Brand New Kitchen!!!

The kitchen is IN!!!  Gheorghe and I went by tonight to take a look at the finished product and we love it!  Both of the kids were exhausted and hungry so we didn't stay long to revel in it's beauty, but I did take some quick pictures. Still need to get counters, backsplash, electrical outlets, new lighting, etc. A bunch of important details. And we might add crown molding around the top so you don't see the small gap above the cabinets at the ceiling - trying to decide. It doesn't bother me that much really... But to see new cabinets and plastic wrapped appliances - IT'S HEAVEN! I've waited for this day for so many YEARS!!!

My lazy Susan cabinet - loving all this storage!!

The corner cabinet above the lazy Susan. I love how I can use this space. Spice cabinet!

These are the important details I'm referring to... We have some electrical outlets that need dealing! But all will be taken care of tomorrow so the house will continue to look more and more polished...

The boys were spent, and neither one of them wanted me to hold them tonight. They both ONLY wanted daddy and both cried about it when I tried to help Gheorghe carry them. Ahem ahem ... am I chopped liver or what? But look at how cute they are loving on their handsome daddy? I'm one lucky gal!

Can't wait until we're moved into this house (December 17th!) and can call it our home. We've made SO MUCH progress and we are all so excited about it all!

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