Thursday, November 17, 2011


I was at the house this morning so I took a bunch of new pictures to share with you. These are the details we're working on now. So exciting!!

New door handles. Might be boring to some but not to ME! I love them!! Makes the house look so much more finished.

Every single light switch has been replaced. SO much cleaner and neater looking!

We've also changed out every single electrical outlet. SO much better now. What a small change that makes such a huge difference.

Fun new light fixture in the playroom! The room is a bit yellow right now with this light so I'm still not 100% sold on it. But it's super fun!!

Guest bedroom with new light fixture (what do you think???) and only 1 curtain up. The other curtain will go up once the roof repair is done in this room. Curtains are simple - a pretty yellow...

Back in the playroom, they painted this shelf which used to be an ugly shiny wood look. SOOOO much better! Now I need to get prettier hinges and new door pulls. Add it to my list...

A shot of the living room in its current random state. Full of junk waiting to be finished...

And HERE'S my new kitchen!!! Still in boxes and hardly taking up any space. Seems unreal that this will soon be a major transformation in my kitchen...

A close up of the kitchen boxes. They are piled thick and neat in this tiny little corner. LET'S OPEN THEM AND LET THE FUN BEGIN...

Washer & dryer aren't long for this world... We're getting new ones shortly. 

And these are all the hanging doors, soon to be white.

Progress is being made every day. I am getting SO excited!!!!

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