Monday, November 28, 2011

...And...We're Back!

Ok, so I'm FULLY aware that I've been on a major hiatus from this blog, but I've been out of town for Thanksgiving break! (ahem ahem, WDP...and with you nonetheless!)

However, we're back and the house is looking GOOD. Not too much happened while we were gone - a little bit of work in the bathroom and some refining here and there. Nothing too major that you'd notice in pictures if I didn't really point it all out to you. was a big day!

1. The new toilet for the kids bathroom arrived. While that might mean nothing to most of you, it's extremely exciting to me. It's really cool looking and I know it will make the bathroom look great! It hasn't been installed yet - I think Angel is putting it in tomorrow. I'll be sure to add pics once it's in...

2. The beadboard is totally up everywhere and it looks GREAT!

3. Angel hung a new lamp that we got in North Carolina at the front door and it's such a pretty touch! If Dutchman's had had more, I would have bought 3 of these. Super pretty and delicate and UNBELIEVABLY priced.

4. My Moravian Star light arrived today that will be hung at the beginning of the hallway. It's GORGEOUS! Hopefully Angel will hang it tomorrow. I can't wait to see how it looks!

5. The guys arrived early this morning to measure for all our hurricane shutters & gutters (ok so maybe that's boring, but it's progress!)

6. The heinous rusted iron bars by the front door have come down! It's a detail that most probably wouldn't even notice, but I'm SO MUCH HAPPIER with them gone!

7. MY IKEA KITCHEN IS OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY!!! The guys arrived this morning and worked all day to build the cabinets. It is quite a mish mosh at the moment, but they are starting to install them tomorrow and I just know it's going to be a TOTAL transformation! I cannot wait!!! I'll post pictures tomorrow night once some installation work is done.

Tomorrow is another big day.

- the fridge is coming over
- the guest bedroom dresser is coming over (I'll probably paint it once we move in)
- I'm getting a bed for the guest room & small chest from a friend of mine who is giving them to me! Excited to have a real guest bedroom for friends. This bed was really on the "B" list of things to do - we knew we'd get to it eventually but didn't want to spend the money right away. So I'm incredibly thankful for my friend!! Love you Linds!

- Wednesday, we are picking up the new washer/dryer and garage refrigerator.

- Still need to figure out a bunch of stuff but I'm feeling good about everything! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

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