Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ikea Love

Gheorghe and I decided at the beginning of this process that we wanted to redo our new kitchen with Ikea. We hired QWR, their recommended company, to come measure and help us plan the new kitchen, and then eventually do all of the installation. It has been an awesome experience, and we cannot believe how affordable it's going to be to do this new kitchen with them.

They sent us a 3D tool to help us envision what this new kitchen is going to look like. Here are the pictures so you can see how cool this is!

A few things to note:

- we are doing granite counters and we aren't buying them through Ikea so there aren't any counters in the photos here

- we are getting our sink and faucet somewhere else too so those are missing here as well

- the blank wall you see in one of these photos is going to be torn down and opened up to the dining room. Try to picture that when you're looking at these!

What do you think? I know one thing - I love Ikea! I can't wait to see the final product!!

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