Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Daunting Details

(I didn't get any photos today so I will add some to this post tomorrow after I'm there in the morning)

I'm somewhat bogged down in the details right now, but I'm loving it! For example, we are changing out all of the light switches, electrical outlets and interior door handles. The house looks like NEW with all the clean white & silver details. But why would I have thought when I was at Home Depot that door handles only work one way? I need to think about what side of the door handles go on to determine if the lock is on the right side or not. Huh?

Then, I swear I triple checked how many outlets I needed for the entire house (I counted 30) but Angel said he was 3 outlets short. Argh!!! So frustrating. So back to Home Depot I went.

I think they know me now over there by first name...

But today was exciting. The alarm got installed today. Awesome! The kitchen cabinets and appliances were all delivered! Yay! Tomorrow, the bathroom cabinet gets delivered. Yay! It's like...Slowly But Surely it's all coming together... Hopefully the new vanity will be installed tomorrow after it arrives. I don't know if Angel will have time or not...

The painting is almost completely finished. The new light fixtures are all almost up. The cabinets are IN the house (installation in 10 days). We're getting there.

The new a/c goes in next week. The new electrical gets done next week. And the septic company week. So next week is a BIG week. And it's Thanksgiving week, so we won't be in town! But I'm ok with that because we've hired some really great guys to do this work for us and they've told me they will all work next week to try and get it all done.

To think that we will move in in early December and be in the new house for Christmas - it's SO EXCITING!!

More details to come tomorrow with pictures to show progress...I promise!

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  1. BIG WEEK! I cant wait to see the pictures! I found hardware to be a lot trickier than I originally thought it would be! Have you picked all the fixtures for the kitchen?